Eight albums from the past ten years which prove that music is great

Usually a period of time needs to elapse from when an album is released before it is universally acclaimed as a “classic”. Some albums are released and are popular for a time before people realise that, actually, it’s not very good (What’s The Story Morning Glory springs to mind here). However, we have compiled a list of eight albums released in the last ten years which we are sure will go on to become absolute classics that people will still be listening to (and even discovering) in twenty years time. In order of excellence...

Push The Sky Away- Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (2013)

Cave creates a pulse that drives each song which, combined with a dark and ambient sound and high quality song writing, make this, genuinely, one of the greatest albums of all time.

...Like Clockwork - Queens Of The Stone Age (2013)

This is head and shoulders above anything else the band have ever done. There is a lyrical depth that has not been reached before and the clever structure of the album in its entirety

takes you on a real musical journey, culminating in the explosive penultimate song “I Appear Missing Now”. The titular, final track, brings you back down to earth gently. The artwork is also something to behold.

Black Star- David Bowie (2016)

Anyone who thinks that this just sold lots of copies because of his death either a) knows nothing about music of b) has tin ears and should not be passing comment in the first place. This is one of Bowie’s finest works which is a truly mysterious piece of art that reveals itself to the listener over a period of time and asks to be listened to again. Of course, Bowie’s death goes hand in hand with this album but the songs are open to interpretation, as he would have wanted. Black Star and Lazarus are mind-blowingly brilliant tracks.

Let England Shake- PJ Harvey (2010)

The sound is amazing and was recorded in a church with a minimalist sound. It is unlike anything that she’s ever done before and is a largely thematic album concerned with war, violence and what it is to live in England be that now or in the past. She spent two years just writing the lyrics before the music came along. On Battleship Hill is lyrically, musically and emotionally one of the best songs every written.

In Rainbows- Radiohead (2007)

Anyone who says OK Computer is their best album is a muggle. This is a good compromise between the electronica of Kid A and the out and out tunefulness of OK Computer. Each album creates its own zeitgeist and this is no different. But what is striking about this effort is both its accessibility and its artistic beauty, two seemingly almost polarized traits wonderfully encapsulated here. There’s the deep and needy All I Need juxtaposed with the upbeat but claustrophobic Reckoner. And Weird Fishes is a song filled with both tension and surreal simplicity.

A.M.- Artic Monkeys (2013)

Everyone has something to say about the band. But this album pushed the boundaries and took the m out of the “angry northern man” tribe straight into the realms of “modern classic”. There is a clean sound and whilst each song is loud they are punchy and rift driven with some creative lyrics.

Random Access Memories- Daft Punk (2013)

It’s rare, in this era of IDM/EDM, to get a dance-orientated album that is actually decent. It’s a diverse album and each song is quite different. What sets it aside from other disposable pop albums is the balance of harder European electronic sounds mixed with American disco-funk beats.

Time- Jungle (2014)

It’s amazing that more people don’t know about this album. Modern, edgy funk with proper lyrics about proper stuff. Because we are all too busy earnin’ at times. “Julia” is a great love song without being cheesy and still maintaining a sure-fire street-cred. This is dark soul, perfect for dark times. We will still be playing this in 20 years.

MAY 28, 2017

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